Our Mission

At UVBrite, we want to not only enhance the health of our customers but also the health of the world around us. 

Our products are designed to reduce the excess plastic waste plaguing our landfills and oceans. By using a reusable drink container, the average person can reduce his or her plastic footprint by cutting their average use of 100 disposable bottles per year down to ZERO. With around 8 billion people inhabiting our world today, if each person made the switch, we would be saving our planet from almost 800 billion bottles of plastic.

Not only is reducing the statistic of plastic per year critical to our world’s health, but reducing the number of people who don’t have access to a clean water source is equally essential—and according to the CDC, that number is 780 MILLION people.

Almost one billion people in our world are needing to see immediate change to live a healthier life. We decided to use our platform and product to be that change.

With UVBrite, no matter your location, climate, or the economic resources around you, you can turn clean water from a must-have into a can-have.

Not only do we back our product to the fullest, but we also believe in complete transparency—from the purity of our water to what goes on in our labs. This is why all of our products have been tested to meet or exceed all relevant government standards.

Cleaner Water for a Better World

Designing innovation requires a team of hardworking engineers, designers, and innovators, working together to build the next generation of hydration devices. Both in-house and out, we’ve organized our team to become a well-oiled machine with the world’s best interest in mind.

We focus on designing products that look as good as they make you feel.With UVBrite, you can place your trust in the quality of each of our designs, our materials, and our products.