Focus on Safety

To help ensure the quality of our product, we’ve not only run our design through the certifications mentioned earlier on, (FDA, CE/RoHS, Sterilization Efficacy, Cooling and Heating, and UL1642 compliance), but we have also done extensive testing to monitor the efficacy of our bottles.

By using the particular strand of UV-C—and not B or A, we at UVBrite can ensure the efficacy of our product, specifically engineered to have a high enough energy to effectively kill specific microorganisms.

Our extensive testing reports (link to test reports) consider the different harmful pathogens and bacteria that can lead to illness like:

  • Escherichia coli
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Escherichia virus MS2
  • Influenza A H3N2
  • Human Adenovirus 5

We have also done our best to ensure that all of our products are safe to use. To emphasize the security quality of the UVBrite, we have evaluated not only the materials of our products but also the safety protocol of our manufacturing process.

In each UVBrite bottle, we’ve placed a safety lock on the lid to ensure the filtering process takes place and to keep the product spill-free. This can help you feel assured that no matter where you place your UVBrite Bottle—whether it’s in your backpack next to a computer or in your purse next to important documents—you won’t experience leakage.

A Safe Sip

The UVBrite bottle is also designed with safe materials to focus on the purity of the water and keeping your health in mind through every step of the manufacturing process.

For a Brite-r future, we are confident that UVBrite bottle is the water bottle of the future, available today.