How to destress your life in five simple steps

These days, it seems as though the daily news surrounding the Corona virus has a tight grip on our schedules and minds. During times like these, it can be hard to wind down and destress from what is going on in the world. We are worried about what the future holds, our mind is constantly engaged by the news, social media, and work. Some of us have kids, time-consuming hobbies, or relationships, that demand a lot of attention.

Sometimes, it all gets too much. We feel overwhelmed. We feel like our negative thoughts are taking over.

Although we cannot magically make your worries disappear, we can supply you with fantastic tools on how to destress your life in five simple steps. Let us not focus on what we cannot change, but rather on what we can do to make ourselves feel better and feel less stressed.

Cleanse your body

Stress can take a toll on your body. A balanced diet is a surefire way to detox from your anxiety and keep yourself healthy. When you are stressed, your body releases the hormone cortisol, which elevates your blood sugar levels and leaves you feeling sluggish and tired. Sipping water throughout the day will make sure that your cells are hydrated and keep your stress levels at bay. Being well-hydrated will counter-act the symptoms of being stressed out, including headaches, feeling dizzy or lightheaded and tired. Make sure to have high-quality water at hand, like provided through our popular UVBrite water bottles.

Bored of plain water? Just add some lemon juice, fresh or frozen fruit, or mix it up with various spices.

Ease your soul

Sometimes you just need a minute away from your hectic every-day life. Go on a hike, go for a run, or book yourself an over-night stay at a wellness hotel. Leave your family at home for just a day and turn off your phone. Having that alone-time is incredibly important. As much as you may love your friends and connecting with others, our minds need to have that down-time away from the constant bustling of life. If you cannot get away for that long, try to find a window as little as ten minutes to consciously destress and wind down. Be mindful of creating that space that is exclusively reserved for you and realize that you deserve having that time.  

Incorporate yoga or meditation

Yoga and meditation have been used as a stress reduction mechanism for centuries and can impact how we perceive our mental and physical state. Meditation is said to be a state of pure consciousness and can be part of your yoga practice. Incorporating yoga into your daily life, even if it is just a 5-minute or 10-minute sequence, can help to put your body and mind at ease. If you cannot find a class near you or do not want to commit to a full session, you can easily find incredibly helpful videos online. Not only will your mind thank you, but you will strengthen your body, gain flexibility and be able to relax more easily.

Sleep better

When we are stressed, sometimes it is particularly hard to relax at night and enjoy restful sleep. Constantly having insufficient and poor sleep, can lead to an endless cycle of mental and physical health issues, in turn causing you to feel even more stressed during the day. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to improve sleep:

  • Make sure to stay hydrated and exercise during the day
  • Make time for yourself before going to bed to unwind
  • Try natural sleep remedies such as melatonin and hop
  • Create a cool and dark sleeping environment

Go on a social media cleanse

Social media can be the number one cause of stress in our modern lives. Being constantly available to everyone at the touch of a button, can cause stress, anxiety, and depression for many of us. Although it sure is a convenient way to stay in touch with your friends and family, social media can be addictive and contribute to a feeling of having to stay connected or missing out. Set aside your phone and try to have “technology-free” hours. Turn off the notifications, minimize your social media time and remember that it does not control your life. You do not have to delete your accounts, but going on frequent hiatuses, can significantly improve your quality of life and ultimately destress your mind.

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