Five bulletproof tips for staying hydrated during home-office

Staying hydrated may be a tad bit trickier these days. More and more of us have had to work from home during the Corona pandemic, presenting us with new and sometimes stressful challenges. If staying on top of your hydration needs isn’t up your alley to begin with, making sure that you meet your daily quota might have gotten even more difficult without the office water cooler by your side. If you’re struggling to get enough water during the day, we’re here to make sure to keep
you thriving with our UVBrite water bottles - and a bunch of creative tips for staying hydrated while working from home.

1. Flavor your water

Drinking water all day long might leave your taste buds in a yawn and trick you into craving something unhealthy. Be careful to stay away from sugary sodas though and stop after your third cup of coffee to avoid being a jittery mess. If you’re looking for calorie-low alternatives to plain water, look no further. We’ve got the goods:

  • Grab your UVBrite water bottle and disinfect your water with our UV-C technology first
  • Get a lemon (or lime), cut it into thin slices and give it a little squeeze before dropping it into your bottle
  • Add some berries to your liking (we suggest seasonal berries like raspberries or strawberries during summer). If you’re looking to get a nice cool refreshment, add some frozen berries instead.
  • Give your bottle a little shake and enjoy a healthy and cool drink
  • Repeat 4-5x times a day

The recipe above will give you a nice alternative to plain water and throw some anti-oxidants in there. Both berries and lemons have highly anti-inflammatory properties, so you’re not just pleasing your palate, but doing something good for your body as well. For an extra kick and cool flavor, add some mint or sprinkle some cinnamon into your water. These are all great options for changing up that water-only routine!

2. Tea up your life

It’s rainy, you’re dozing off on your desk and no boss is around to startle you with loudly echoing footsteps coming up around the corner. You’re trying to cut back on caffeine and don’t want to upset your poor heart with another cup of coffee. Why don’t you try a nice, heart-warming cup of tea instead?

The possibilities are endless. Tired? Have some Chai for a little spice in your life, or try an exquisite cup of Earl Grey, naturally containing a little amount of caffeine as well. Stomach issues? Try chamomile or mint tea. Daydreaming about exotic beaches or treks through South American jungles? Treat yourself to a cup of Yerba mate with its extraordinary antioxidant features. You won’t just send your taste buds on an adventure, but gift your body important vitamins and minerals such as vitamins A, C, E, B1 and calcium, iron, potassium, or magnesium. The list goes on.

Since our UVBrite bottles are made of high-quality stainless steel, you can just choose your favorite tea and fill your bottle up with happiness.

3. Use a water bottle
You can’t stay on top of your hydration efforts because the tap water tastes funny and you’re not about to bury your home office with an avalanche of plastic bottles. Get yourself a sleek and useful water bottle, that helps to keep your water fresh, clear, and tasty. One of the main reasons we don’t drink enough fluids is because we don’t have enough water with us. Keeping a bottle at hand to help you hydrate is a sure way of meeting your daily quota.

Incidentally, we’ve got just the right thing for you. Our UVBrite water bottles reduce microbes by up to 99,99% and ensure that you have clean and pure water at the touch of a button. The insulation will make sure it’s at whatever temperature you desire.

4. Track your water intake
You want to hydrate, but you just can’t seem to find the time. You’re stuck in a Zoom-meeting for hours, your To-Do List is longer than your kid’s Christmas wishlist (and that’s saying something!) and the phone keeps ringing off the hook. How do you even find the time to count if you really drank 6-8 glasses of water that day? Nobody does! BUT, there are several ways of actually keeping track in a fun and easy way:

  • Go digital: yes, there are apps that help you keep track of how much you’re hydrating. Daily Water Tracker, Hydro Coach or WaterMinder are just a few of many possibilities you’ve got. You can customize reminders, which can give you a gentle nudge if you forget to drink or if you haven’t met your daily water intake goals yet. There are even apps like My Water Balance that monitor your water balance and actually take away from it if you’ve overdone it with your (alcoholic) after-work drinks. Tons of fun and fast possibilities to record your hydration levels!
  • Stay traditional: you’re not a computer geek and you definitely don’t want an app reminding you to drink water. Don’t worry - pen and paper haven’t gone out of style just yet! Grab your notebook and make yourself a nice little list. Just jot down the number of refills your UVBrite water bottle enjoyed that day and keep it next to you on your desk - always within sight!
5. Opt for water-rich foods instead
Some people just don’t like drinking liquids. It’s true. It doesn’t matter to you, if it’s water, tea, coffee or an invitation to cocktail hour, you’re just not really that into it. No problem. We’ve got a list of delicious water-rich foods that will help you stay hydrated at any time:
  • Cucumbers: 96% water
  • Tomatoes: 95% water
  • Spinach: 93% water
  • Melon: 91% water
  • Broccoli: 90% water
  • Oranges: 85% water

Working from home isn’t always all rainbows and unicorns but you’ve got a great opportunity to still hydrate properly during the day. Drinking water is vital for staying on top of your health and these tips will help you get there.

If you’re interested in finding out how exactly our UVBrite water bottles help you keep your water pure and sterilized, check out our other blog on the magic of UV-C disinfection.

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